Welcome to #USGeocachingHour

#USGeocachingHour is a live tweet-chat every Monday at 8pm CST (9EST, 7MST, 6PST) and is administered by @GeoJosh13, @SuperNateTN, @ibgeocaching, @Chef_Spada & @Kyle_J_Silva, @geomarkwebb, @MU_Dac, @gsmx2 and @cacheflokeepers
Guidelines and tips for #USGeocachingHour
  1. Join us Mondays, 8pm CST (9EST, 7MST, 6PST) on Twitter and search for or click on #USGeocachingHour. Find your time zone on the world map... all are welcome!

  2. When you make a comment, be sure to use the hash tag #USGeocachingHour

  3. Each week, there will be some discussion questions to help direct the conversation. Generally, the questions will start with a Q and the question number. You can answer with an A followed by the question number.

    For example:
    Q1: Introduce yourself - How long have you been geocaching? #USGeocachingHour
    A1: Hello! @GeoDarick checking into #USGeocachingHour. I have been #geocaching since June 2009.

  4. If you have suggestions for discussion topics, send a direct twitter message to @USGeocaching

To help you follow the discussion, you can configure and use TweetDeck, or simply use the button below to go to twitter and join in the fun!

Click here for a good resource with general information on how to participate in a tweet chat.


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