Geocaching Quiz

Do you have a geocaching obsession?! Take the quiz below to find out... check all items below that apply to you! Don't forget to share your results on Twitter.
Found yourself studying an urban location and imagining how you might conceal a geocache there.
Got strange looks from muggles while geocaching.
Suffered from stinging nettles or poision ivy as a result of an attempt to find a geocache.
Purchased a lock n' lock container (knowing you will never store your leftovers in it).
Stopped at a geocache you have found before, just to see that it is still there.
Had someone take your photo while climbing a tree for a geocache.
Dug through the snow to uncover a geocache.
Thought to yourself, "If I hurry, I should have time for one more cache".
Come home dirty or muddy with a smile on your face after a day of geocaching.
Know your current number of geocache finds by an exact count.
Spent hours solving a puzzle cache.
Spent hours solving a puzzle in an area you will most likely never visit.
Have "phone a friend" geocacher contacts in your cell phone.
Walked several miles just to find a geocache.
Looked forward to getting email from
Daydreamed that you are out geocaching when you're stuck doing something else.
Been taken by surprise that the day flew by and you are now caching in the dark.
Soaked your shoes in a stream or swamp while searching for a geocache.
Searched for more than half an hour for a geocache, then returned another day and made a quick find.
Pretended your GPS is a cell phone and held it up to your head to look "normal" to muggles.
Been in a car accident while trying to follow your phone or GPS to a geocache.
Checked a statistics website to find out your "rank" for geocaching finds in your state / country.
Taken great delight in logging your 1000th geocache find.
Embarked on a road trip with the sole purpose of finding geocaches.
Taken a video of one of your geocaching adventures.
Pretended to tie your shoes to avoid muggles.
Injured yourself while hunting for a geocache.
Visited a cemetery because there is a geocache there.
Found yourself in a parking lot, in your pajamas, rejoicing about a first to find!
Shared your geocaching stories on a social media site.
Stopped by an outdoor supply store hoping that they sell ammo cans (and you don't hunt).
Walked on a frozen lake or stream in order to find a geocache.
Watched another geocacher's profile to make sure they don't get more finds than you.
Driven by someplace and thought, "There should be a geocache there!"
Halted the family vacation road trip so that you can log a find in a new state.
Geocoins and trackables can be found on your Christmas list.
Listened to a geocaching podcast.
Had had a dream about geocaching.
Explained to police or a security guard what you are up to.
Received a phone call or text from another geocacher who needs a hint.
Written a blog about geocaching.
Watched a YouTube video about geocaching.
Saw someone acting strange near a geocache you have found and known that you once were that weird-o.
Held an event or training session to teach others about geocaching.
Bragged to a friend or family member about a geocaching achievement.
Sat in your car waiting to replace a lamp post cache because a muggle showed up while you were signing the log.
Driven across town, found a cache, but skipped one near it, because tomorrow you will drive across town again and find it to "keep the streak alive!"
Parked illegally in order to gain easier access to a geocache.
Risked your personal safety attempting a 5 terrain cache.
After a frustrating search, thought "What the heck am I doing?"


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