Geocache Logs
by Geocaching with Darick

I often go geocaching with my family, including my four kids, my mom and dad, my brother in law and anyone else I can rope into going on a caching adventure. You can read about some of our adventures here!


Not familiar with the sport of geocaching? You can join the fun in this real-world outdoor treasure hunting game! Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online. Visit to learn more.

Custom Trackables

Always wanted to make your own trackable? Me too... so I did! I got a batch of tracking codes from Groundspeak and I am sharing the fun with you. Visit my custom trackables page to get your own personalized trackable with its own unique tracking code. You can even order custom proxy or replacement tracking tags for trackables you have purchased elsewhere. Check it out...


Nice printable log sheets, stash notes, cache labels and even a passport for your trackable item. FREE documents to download, print and enjoy... courtesy of Darick.

Obsessed Geocacher Quiz

Do you have a geocaching "problem"? Take the quiz and find out!